About Nardis
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Nardis was formed in 1992 in Farab Company before its establishment as a separate company.
Initially, power generation was Farab’s core business. After one decade of experience in power generation, a certain department was assigned for executing oil ...

NARDIS is well prepared as a General contractor to participate in the specialized oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We provide following services:
• Project Management 
• Engineering 
• Procurement 

• Exploration & Drilling
• Oil and Gas Field Development
• Offshore Complexes & Facilities 
• Oil & Gas Refineries
• Utility and offsite Systems
• Petrochemical Complexes & Affiliated Industries
• Pipelines, Pumping ...

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                           Project Management
The wide range of experience and expertise gained over the years enables the company to cover all the various definitions and development phases of an industrial project.
Nardis management system focuses on management of large projects, quality management , planning and control turnkey projects, supervision, Time and cost management , work performance and emphasize of multifunctional team work .


                           Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
Nardis HSE management system has been designed and implemented based on ISO 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2008, HSE MS requirements. We emphasizing on everlasting commitment to adequate QUALITY, preserving HEALTH, concerning SAFTEY everywhere and maintaining Environment in our objectives, all activities and areas of work .
                            Financial Services
One of the most important concerns of general contractors is to prepare financial facilities for their projects. Therefore NARDIS is responsible for preparation of necessary financial and monetary facilities for its ongoing projects .
                           Corporate Social Responsibilities
Nardis business doesn't exist in isolation nor is it simply a way of making money. NARDIS employees depend on our business. Customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected by our business and what we do. Our services, and the way we make them, also have an impact on the environment .